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The Trike

Meet Bumblebee! Our purpose built Boom Trike.

Bumblebee is a Boom Mustang Family Touringback in Advance Plus trim based on a 2019 Anniversary Campaign model. It also carries a lot of extra equipment, just in case you don't get noticed on a 3.5m three wheeled vehicle in bright yellow!

Engine: 1.5 ltr 4 cylinder, Mitsubishi Engine (80kw/109hp) (Petrol) with Automatic 7 speed CVT Transmission.
Fuel capacity 38l.
Fuel consumption 5l - 10l / 100 km
Colour: Yellow (with black highlights including the air intakes and the rear spoiler).

Frame: 2-parted tubular frame, steel, bolted. The frame is the extended version (about 10 cm longer than the short version).

Seats: 3 Comfort Hand Sewn Seats in black with extra support.
Load capacity approx. 280 kg

Comfort Forks, 76 mm
Touring Handle Bars 38mm
Upgraded Instrument Panel (the standard instruments are black - Bumble Bee has white dials styled to match the bullet shaped lights)
2 Big Headlamps 6.5" mounted on the forks
2 Headlights - Bullet Style
Front Wheel 200/50-17 on 5.50x17 Aluminium Rim (Shark Design) Chrome
Rear Wheel 295/50-15 on 10x15 Aluminium Rims (Shark Design) Chrome
Bilstein Suspension and Stabilizer Bar
Liftomatic (the body lifts up to allow access to the engine)
Stainless Steel Package (the bars around the base of the trike and the luggage rack)
Rear Mudguards: Style (The lights are mounted on a stainless steel bar, not the mud guards themselves)

   Length 3.75m.
   Width 1.85m 
   Height 1.35m

We carry a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in the boot. Seat-belts (not a requirement in Germany because of the safety bar) and foot plates for the passengers have been fitted. We also carry the very latest on-trike communication system so that chauffeur and passengers can communicate on the move without any wires.

Bumblebee our Boom Trike
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