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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on who can ride the trike?

There are some restrictions. A child must be either over 12 or at least 135 cm tall (these rules are laid out by statute). Children must be able to reach the foot rests and all under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over). No passenger can be over 17.5 stone (110kg) or about 45 inches around the middle. The maximum weight for two passengers is 34 stone (215kg). You need to have the mobility to board the trike (with assistance if necessary). These restrictions are dictated by our insurance and licensing conditions or by the structure of the trike.

Where will the tour start?

For most tours, the trike will pick you up from a prearranged location such as a car park or a station (subject to a suitable safe area being available - it takes a few minutes to run through the safety briefing and suit up). If the pickup location is beyond a 15 mile radius of Aylesbury town centre there may be an additional charge.

Is the tour open to those with a disability?

Yes - we have a policy of access for all. If you can (with if necessary some assistance from a friend and / or the chauffeur) sit in the seat you can ride the trike. Our chauffeur will give assistance but is not trained in lifting so there is a limit to the help he can give. If you have any doubt, please get in contact to discuss and we will do our very best to accommodate you. If you are local to Aylesbury we may be able to meet up before you book to test that boarding and alighting is possible. The trike is not registered on the AVDC list of licensed Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles because we do not have the space to store a wheelchair in the boot. The AVDC conditions of license state that we cannot carry animals, so regrettably we cannot carry an assistance dog either (getting a helmet on a dog would be very hard too). We will try to find refreshment stops with full access but we cannot guarantee this.

We are based very close the the world famous Stoke Mandeville Hospital so if you are a patient please get written permission from the hospital if you want to plan a few hours away! We will not be held responsible if you make a tour without this permission.

Can I bring my luggage?

The trike has a small boot (trunk) but we use it to store helmets, wet weather equipment etc. You may bring a small bag if necessary but we can’t guarantee that it will fit.

Can we speak to the chauffeur while the trike is in motion?

The trike is fitted with an intercom which the chauffeur will use to explain what you are seeing and through which you can talk to him directly. (Note: if you bring your own helmet we cannot transfer the equipment for the intercom however even without the intercom normal conversation is normally possible up to about 50mph).

Are there any rules that we need to observe for this tour?

Not many. You must listen to the safety briefing which the chauffeur will give before the tour commences. You must keep your hands within the trike and feet on the bar at all times the trike is moving. Only board or leave the trike once it is stopped and the chauffeur says it is safe to do so. The chauffeur has the right to refuse a tour if any of the passengers are under the influence of drink or drugs. Any damage by passengers to the trike will be charged. You must not throw anything (including abuse) from the trike - if you do the chauffeur may stop the tour - no refund will be given.

What about breakdowns?

The trike is maintained to a much higher standard than an ordinary car but breakdowns can occur (it is a machine after all). If the tour needs to be abandoned or does not take place then appropriate compensation will be arranged.

Can I hire the trike for a special occasion?

Yes - please get in touch with us so we can sort out a tour or run that fits your exacting requirements. For example if you have a birthday treat involving collection and transport to a restaurant we can arrange it. Note: If you want the trike to wait while you eat and then have it transport you back again we will charge for the wait time.

Can I record my journey?

Yes - as long as you keep your hands inside the trike. We will try to provide an  action camera that you can attach to the helmet or your clothing. If we use a camera on the trike we will tell you that we are recording. Let us know if that is an issue and we will stop the recording. As part of the tour we will try to stop the trike in a photogenic spot so you can take your own photos. We will (with your permission) take some photos on our own equipment and then email them to you after the tour. The photos will be deleted afterwards unless we get your express permission to use them in our publicity (website or social media).

What’s it like on the trike? Will I be cold?

Pictures of the trike are on our website so you already know what type of transport the trike is. There are no doors, windows or fairings. We will supply helmets, jackets, gloves and wet weather gear where required. The seats on the trike are not heated. One of the attractions of trike is the feeling of the wind and the freedom. You should wear appropriate clothing (long trousers, a jumper and stout shoes are a good idea).

What happens if it rains?

Unlike hot air balloons, the trike can operate in all weathers. We carry wet weather gear. If the weather is particularly bad you (or the chauffeur) may decide to defer the tour to a later date but generally the tour will go ahead. Once the service commences, the customer is committed, whatever weather conditions prevail during the hire.

Will there be time for refreshments and pictures?

Yes - we will try to stop once or twice during the tour so you can grab some photos of the scenery and the trike. We will, with permission, take pictures of you on the trike and email them afterwards. Refreshments depend on the length of the tour. We try to maximise time on the trike as to give the best experience.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes. Under UK law trike riders do not need to wear a helmet, however the terms of our license and insurance require all passengers to do so. A good reason to use a helmet is that it keeps insects and road grit out of your eyes. We will supply a helmet for each passenger (with intercom) or you can bring your own. We can supply a skull cap to wear under the helmet. We use a sanitiser after each ride and the liners of the helmets are washed on a regular basis.
If you are unable to wear a helmet, eg for religious reasons, please discuss with us before booking.

Do you run the tours all year round?

We generally run tours through Spring, Summer and early Autumn. Winter is by prior arrangement. Each season has its own very special qualities, further enhancing your tour experience. You need to be very well wrapped up in the winter.

What do I need to wear?

We recommend long trousers and a warm jumper. We also request that you wear stout footwear like trainers or boots. Please don’t turn up in flip flops - they are not appropriate for the trike.

What about safety?

Chiltern Trike Tours takes safety very seriously. The trike has no windscreen, doors or airbags. It is fitted with a rollover bar, however the wide stance means it is virtually impossible to roll (the rear track is nearly 2m). Unlike a motorbike, there is no requirement for the passengers to lean into the corners. The trike is fitted with a T bar in front of the passengers (all that is required in Germany where the trike is manufactured) and airline-style seat belts which have been added as part of license requirement. We also carry a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit in the back of the trike. Passengers do need to follow the safety advice in the briefing given by the chauffeur before the tour commences, especially about keeping everything inside the trike. We recommend that you keep the helmet visor down.

What is included in the tour?

Tours will be a fixed length and a minimum of 2 hours. Note: The time will include time to suit up, receive the safety briefing, time on the trike, any refreshment breaks, photo opportunities and the time to remove jackets and helmets at the end. We will supply helmets, gloves and jackets. We will also supply wet weather gear as necessary. On some routes we will supply refreshments (either in a cafe or from the trike itself).

What is not included in the tour?

We do not include gratuities, entrance to any of the National Trust properties or any refreshments at commercial premises unless explicitly stated at the beginning of the tour. On some tours we may supply coffee, tea or hot chocolate with biscuits (let us know if there are any dietary requirements and we will attempt to accommodate). We do not supply any alcohol (for a tour that includes a celebration customers may bring a small bottle of champagne or similar. Let us know and we will try and find a way of keeping it cold). Sundries purchased (gifts and snacks) and travel insurance are not included.

Can I ride as a single passenger?

Yes - this is not a problem but please remember our prices are based on two people - there is no reduction for a single passenger because we operate the trike on an hourly rate (with a minimum of 2 hours for a single hire). When we are carrying two passengers they sit side by side with the chauffeur between and below them. Single passengers ride directly behind the chauffeur with his head below and directly in front of them.

What about insurance?

The trike is insured as a Private Hire chauffeur driven vehicle. Under UK law we also have to have public liability insurance. The private hire requires us to have three licenses (for the company, the chauffeur and the trike itself) which are issued by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC). We are one of only a handful of companies in the UK to have a license for a trike which is classified as a “novelty” vehicle.

Can I book the trike for my wedding?

Yes - please call us for your exact requirements but remember that trike is completely open (we carry wet weather gear but potentially that doesn’t make a great wedding picture) and you will need to wear a helmet (not great on your hair?) on the way to the venue. Once the trike is parked you can remove the helmets and take as many pictures as you want - we will try to dress the chauffeur appropriately (do you want biker or some kind of suit?). Our chauffeur is always smartly dressed anyway. If you decide to book but then do not use the service because of bad weather on the day there is a 30% cancellation fee.

Is the trike available for TV work?

Yes - please get in contact with us if you want to use the trike either on screen or as part of the filming setup.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed on or around the trike or while wearing the equipment (we need to keep it smoke free for others to enjoy their experience).

Can I eat or drink while on the trike?

Eating and drinking are not allowed on the trike (the helmet makes this very difficult anyway!)

Can I book a tour  as a present?

Yes. Get in contact to talk about our gift vouchers. We can either send vouchers by registered post or email the voucher to you or direct to the recipient. We use a personalised template to make the gift stand out. You can either book a tour or send the voucher like cash (to the value of x). Please note vouchers are not refundable and can only be transferred with the permission of the purchaser or their appointed agent. Vouchers are limited to 6 months but can be extended to up to 12 months from purchase.

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