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Chiltern Trike Tours aim to be accessible to all.

We believe that the experience we can offer will give a fantastic sense of freedom to anyone but especially someone living with a long term physical or mental illness, or who has a mobility, visual, hearing or intellectual impairment.

If you have additional needs, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them. We would like our trike experiences to be accessible for all.

If you can (with some assistance from a friend and/ or the chauffeur if necessary) sit in the seat, you can ride the trike. Our chauffeur will give assistance, but is not trained in lifting so there is a limit to the help he can give. If you have any doubt, please get in contact to discuss. If you are local to Aylesbury we may be able to meet up before you book to test that boarding and alighting is possible.

The trike is not registered on the Buckinghamshire Council list of licensed Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles because we do not have the space to store a wheelchair in the boot.

The Buckinghamshire Council conditions of license state that we cannot carry animals, so regrettably we cannot carry an assistance dog either (getting a helmet on a dog would be very hard too).

Our trike experiences can be enjoyed by visually impaired customers, as the helmets contain a bluetooth speaker system to allow the chauffeur and passengers to communicate with each other. Just let us know if you would like extra descriptions during the ride.

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